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Starmountain Survey & Consultancy

Starmountain Survey & Consultancy is specialised in ship's geometry measurements and designing and implementing purpose built measuring and monitoring systems in the hydrographic and land surveying field. Most solutions use conventional land surveying techniques for non conventional hydrographic problems.

Our services consist of design and implementation coordination of measuring systems as well as (on the site) training and development of new procedures in order to improve performance of existing or newly designed measuring systems.

Fully automised vertical displacement monitoring of the Galecopperbug, Utrecht, The Netherlands
The GEMS Researcher on dry land for photogrammetric measurementsIn order to achieve maximum accuracy Starmountain Survey & Consultancy can determine the systems geometry by photogrammetry or tachymetry. Examples of this product can be found here.

In addition to that Starmountain Survey & Consultancy can align the pitch, roll and yaw angles of both the motion reference unit (MRU) and the multibeam with the ships reference frame (SRF). About this subject three articles can be read on the download page.